Our Projects

Preventing Illegal Migration And Human Trafficking

Recently the Salesians of Don Bosco as an organisation has embarked on a social project with the aim of preventing the scourges of human trafficking and illegal migration. In partnership with VIS (an Italian NGO working in about forty countries around the world), we engage our educational and development programmes through an integrated approach aimed at the expansion of individual and social capabilities of the most vulnerable groups, especially children and young people living in poverty, disadvantages and social exclusion, with priority to education technical and vocational training and socio-economic development of local communities’ target. With the alarming rate of deaths and other risks faced by these victims, we intend to combat the menace through our programme components that include:

(a) assessment (research, analysis, classification and planning).

(b) campaigning and awareness programmes (information about the risks and consequence of human trafficking and illegal migration.

(c) projects on a personal or community base. In order to achieve greater reaching out to our target groups, we have assessed various channels such as schools, churches, homes, orientation Holiday Camps of NYSC etc.

Rehabilitation And Child Protection Centres

Pursuing the essential objective of giving every young person good reason to live a worthy life, we have engaged enormously in asking children and young people off the streets and according them a welcoming home. Our rehabilitation and child protection programmes are targeted at children and young people who have been scourged by circumstances such as HIV/AIDS, domestic/external abuses, depravity, street attitudes and other environmental/social factors. These children and young people go through rehabilitation and formation exercises, including skills acquisition in order to encourage them integrate easily into the society as better individuals.

Youth Animation Centre, Iju

This is a centre that will coordinate all our intervention programs and projects for the young people in Nigeria. This centre will deliver services to all our centres, hence, the need to create an environment and structures to accommodate animation programs for the youth of Nigeria. The centre is expected to host or cater for about 200 young people at every program of animation. The project is expected to touch many lives of young people, their families and the country at large.

Holiday and Summer Camps

In order to help students develop into better individuals and improved citizens, we open Holiday HolidayCamps to engage students during the holidays. These HolidayCamps are thrown open to all students from kindergarten to SS3 irrespective of religion, social class, gender or background. The holiday HolidayCamps combine class education, moral instructions, skill training and sporting activities. In all our establishments holiday programmes are FREE for all the students. During the period of the holiday every year (in the month of August) we host about 7,000 youth in our centres.

Advanced Technical, Vocational, Skill Acquisition Institute

The Institute is a non-profit making institution established by the Salesians of Don Bosco to provide better future for young people especially those who find themselves in difficult economic and social situations. The institute seeks the development of the young, preferably the poor, into integrated persons who are committed to the service of God, country and fellow citizens.

Don Bosco Life Choices

This Is a platform that we use to carry out all our intervention programs for the Youth.


We have over the years engaged ourselves in intervention programs for the betterment and empowerment of the young people through Scholarships, Hostels, Youth Centre, Amnesty Training, Skill Acquisition/Entrepreneurship Training, HIV/AIDS Program, Giving Health to the People through our Clinic Program, Youth for Life and Pro-Life Program.

Job Bank

This Is a program designed to help our young people who finished their studies or skill acquisition training in our institute to secure job placement, Industrial Training (I.T) and employment.