Empowering TVET Job Service Officers

Empowering TVET Job Service Officers
Nairobi, Kenya

The Advocacy, Networking, and Partnership Building training workshop for Job Service Officers (JSO), organized by Don Bosco Tech Africa, concluded with the giving of certificates on February 17th, 2022, after an intensive 10-day program.

The Empowerment of Job Service Officers will be able to build adequate strong and Long Term Networking plans, make the right Advocacy and extend Partnership policies to other organizations who share the same goal, which in turn will be of benefits to the young people in the TVET centres.

As a result, the main goal of this training was to equip the JSOs with competencies that would enable them to build long-term networks and partnerships for the TVET centres. They were also equipped with skills of developing advocacy and networking strategic plans as well as partnership policies.

Ms. Stella Sigana, speaking on behalf of the facilitators, asked the participants to focus on building long-term relationships that will benefit people who come after them. Let’s strive to always develop that positive mindset that everything is possible and we can change the narrative in Africa for our African youths.” She added.
The participants were grateful for being granted this opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will enable them be effective in their service to the young people of Africa. They promised to implement all the skills gained in order to improve the lives of young people in Africa.

In his concluding remarks, Br. John Njuguna, Don Bosco Tech Africa Deputy Director, reminded the participants that they are the ambassadors of the TVET centres and through their work, the young people will be acknowledged and absorbed by industries and companies for employment opportunities. He also urged them to facilitate the knowledge transfer processes within their provinces which will create room to be more enlightened.

The training was facilitated by Zipporah Maina and Moses Kiambuthi both of the Centre for Urban Rural Youth Development Programmes (CURYDP).


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