Preventing Illegal Migration And Human Trafficking

Recently the Salesians of Don Bosco as an organization has embarked on a social project with the aim of preventing the scourges of human trafficking and illegal migration. In partnership with VIS (an Italian NGO working in about forty countries around the world), we engage our educational and development programmes through an integrated approach aimed at the expansion of individual and social capabilities of the most vulnerable groups, especially children and young people living in poverty, disadvantages and social exclusion, with priority to education technical and vocational training and socio-economic development of local communities’ target. With the alarming rate of deaths and other risks faced by these victims, we intend to combat the menace through our programme components that include:

(a) Assessment (research, analysis, classification and planning).

(b) Campaigning and awareness programmes (information about the risks and consequence of human trafficking and illegal migration.

(c) Projects on a personal or community base. In order to achieve greater reaching out to our target groups, we have assessed various channels such as schools, churches, homes, orientation Holiday Camps of NYSC etc.

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