Capacity Building Training – Competence Based Approach

The Salesians of St John Bosco (PDO) in partnership with the Voluntary International Service (VIS) sponsored by the Episcopal Conference of Italy (CEI) organized a ten-day training session for selected staff working in Don Bosco and other TVET Centres in Nigeria. The purpose of the capacity-building workshop is to improve learning and pedagogy (teaching) practice of technical instructors.

The training focused on competency and defined it as those measurable set of knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) that a person needs to perform a task effectively.

We then explored the competency-based approach, which focuses on training instructors with the right framework to transfer the right KSA to trainees with the intent of either assessing them as “competent” or “not yet competent”.

The different types of learners one could possibly encounter were taken into consideration: the audio learners, the visual learners and the kinesthetic or “practical” learners.

Lastly, we had the sessions on workshop management where we discussed how instructors need to manage the workshop, interact with equipment and their trainee.

This training took place on the 22 – 26 October, 2018

Advanced Technical, Vocational, Skill Acquisition Institute

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