DACUM Training

The DACUM workshop followed shortly after the capacity building training, with the aim of developing a curriculum for training and development of potential technical instructor jobs.

This process involves local professionals with a reputation for being the “top performers” on their jobs, working on a short-term committee assignment with a facilitator.

This panel of professionals identifies the general knowledge and skills required of successful workers, the tools, equipment, supplies, and materials, the important worker behaviour essential for success, and the future trends and concerns likely to cause job changes.

We also conducted detailed job analysis on the position of instructor, defined the roles, duties and tasks of a competent technical instructor.

One main benefit of this training is that Instructors can now describe their job in a concise way and are able to demonstrate understanding of the necessary tasks and duties that instructors must have.

The training sessions were facilitated by Mrs Eniola Adefioye, Local Expert in Tech Education and CEO of Tributary Initiative for Learning and other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Advanced Technical, Vocational, Skill Acquisition Institute

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